Funerary rites for the solitary

Paganism is an old path, and the old gods have been reverenced for, well, a long time. But in a largely book driven monotheist culture, those walking the experiential ways are still disparate, and nowadays as likely to be connected to community through the Internet as in any physical sense. Yes, we have groves and... Continue Reading →


Within my heart, and within my home, may there be peace. To the four corners of the World, may peace come. Over land, under sea and in sky, may peace reign. In the face of chaos and crisis, may peace prevail. Where it is not to be found, may we bring peace. Peace to find... Continue Reading →

Chicken Diary – the final chapter

It was a few years after we arrived in Charfield, perhaps 2004, when we started keeping chickens. Today, for now at least, we've stopped.┬áLast night unbeknown to us, Mr Fox paid a visit and murdered our remaining three chooks. He dug in under the chickenwire, crossed the run and got into the coop (through, it... Continue Reading →

Piano accompaniment (update)

Another day another visit to the hospital. Janet's doing fine and her results are slowly improving. Most importantly there seems no immediate danger of serious rejection. Main issues at the moment are inadequate pain relief, but some of that is related to coming off the heavy stuff and the light stuff not doing the biz.... Continue Reading →

Riding the Roller-Costa (update)

Ok, it's not strong and it's certainly not as good as my own grind and brew, but I'm very glad someone thought to put not one but two Costa's in Southmead Hospital. Yes, we're back again today, and it's not even a Monday, Wednesday or Friday... Following a call from the renal clinic last night,... Continue Reading →

Now we are five…

Spring equinox returns, as it invariably does, and I take my customary stroll around the village. Nothing changes, and in the distance I can hear the limestone quarry as it expands toward us. Nothing changes, and the newest of the unsustainable new housing estates is pouring more concrete onto the green fields. Nothing changes, and... Continue Reading →

Soaking the Solar

Spring comes and with it the onset of solar generation... But the panels have been up more than three years now and it shows. Today, they got a quick pre-summer wash down by a man in a van with a tank full of specially clever water and a long brush. I noticed his advert on... Continue Reading →

Backing up!

I came across another thread on Facebook the other day, where someone had lost a file. It happens... you crash the computer during a save, or the hdd fails totally, or the computer is stolen. So many ways to lose that 45,000 word thesis, or the next Hippy Pootle novel. I lost a year's worth... Continue Reading →

Life on the Rollercoaster (update)

I should have known I wouldn't get away with stopping the kidney updates! Thanks for your prompts, generally along with lines of "there's been no news! what's the news?", and in truth the web site has never been so busy. How can I disappoint my eager public? So we've been home for a couple of... Continue Reading →

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