A Crap Rap

All you need is a drum and bass line and somewhere to shout at people in an angry fashion... Brexit means Brexit The will of the nation; The cutting of ties, and with no mitigation. A short eight line missive; A Bill of disaster. It’s almost dismissive to think of thereafter. She’s off on her... Continue Reading →

Nineteen Eighty Four (aka 2017)

There's a phrase that's often mooted "Not my monkeys not my circus" When we want to tell each other That it's nowt to do with us But events are now unfolding With enormous implication In the USA and Britain Truth is killed without a fuss We might laugh at North Korea Scoff at news from Kim... Continue Reading →

Top Trumps

It is unutterably sad to me that our leaders show such disregard for those they purport to lead that they feel able to walk roughshod over the most common of decencies. Once, when politicians were found to be corrupt, in deeds or in life style, they backed away from public life and hid, in the... Continue Reading →

For National Poetry Day

I'm at best a rubbish poet, but sometimes it overflows the bin of my brain and falls into the ether. Like it did today, just in time for NPD and just after the Tory Party Conference revealed checks for foreigners in your workplace, aligned with school census day asking the same questions about your children.... Continue Reading →

Sexual Initiation

sex is Magick, sex is ace sex can take you to another place and I can too so cum with me just lie down here be neath this tree and don’t be frightened be assured you’ll be Enlightened, on my word I know some folk will tell you no they have already? told you so... Continue Reading →


Relativity You bewilder me And I don’t know where I stand Over here you see You look fine to me Sky above me, feet upon the land But a small degree of a change in c sends me falling on my ass For the energy spent accordingly is dependent on the mass

Deaths Door

What if death is not a door And nothing but our eyes are blind But take a different way to see The place we hide behind the space If touching slightly to the blue If treading to the scent of bells Would cause us all to understand The view we struggle to get to The... Continue Reading →

Ear ache!

  The fabric of the tent do shake His gob agape and arms wide flinging... Those dulcet tones! The floor do quake. And strangely all our ears are ringing. The cafe bar staff call for help As off their shelves the plates are winging. Atonal torture. Please, no more! Won't someone stop old bish from... Continue Reading →

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