British Broadbrushing Conspiracy

If you watch BBC news today You’re in for a big surprise Coz in between all the facts and truth Are blatantly evil lies As Newsnight treats you just like a prat By Photoshopping Jeremy’s hat Against a blood red backdrop of St Basil’s Orwell couldn’t make it up The Information Age is steadily taking... Continue Reading →


A wander through the micro beads

I attended a very interesting talk this week by Claudi Williams, a school teacher who became aware of plastic waste pollution when she became entangled in it while bathing in the Mediterranean. She determined to try to live without plastic products for a year and largely (with some caveats) succeeded. There's a very good blog... Continue Reading →


Copied from / Life moves on and the kids leave and all of a sudden the place is too big... No, while it's true one daughter is gallivanting all over the world and currently on her way to Harvard university and the other is soon to make me a grandad, I'm not talking... Continue Reading →

Activism, and the magic of names.

There's a lot of celebration going on this week, about the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act, which gave "the vote" to some property owning women over thirty (and almost all men over twenty one!), and celebration too of the audacious work of the suffragette movement. Now, I'm going to position some... Continue Reading →

Bristol Bike Theft Awareness

An open letter to my MP Luke Hall, on the subject of motorcycle theft, following the meeting of the Bristol Bike Theft Awareness panel at BAWA on Tuesday 30th January 2018. (thumbnail image from Bristol Evening Post) Luke Hall MP 26 High Street, Chipping Sodbury, BS37 6AH Dear Luke This past Tuesday I, along with... Continue Reading →

Whither Druidry

A deliberately provocative title for an article draft destined for the Imbolc newsletter of The Druid Network, just prior to its annual gathering near Birmingham. Lots of links - have fun exploring! "Whence Druidry" has become incredibly well 'documented' in the twenty or so years I've been associating with Druidry as a spiritual practice. For... Continue Reading →

Bellway Homes in Charfield

If you've been reading anything from me recently you'll know my village of Charfield has been selected as sacrificial dumping ground - sorry, a strategic development location - for another 1200 homes. And you'll know I feel strongly that this cannot be made a sustainable choice because of the road network in the area being... Continue Reading →

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